Augmented reality is an enhanced, interactive version of a real-world environment achieved through digital visual elements, sounds, and other sensory provocations via holographical technology. AR incorporates three features: a combination of digital and physical worlds, interactions made in real time, and accurate 3D identification of virtual and real objects.

Augmented reality offers a better way to design, curate, and deliver expendable instructions by overlaying digital content in real-world work environments. When a business understands what AR is and how to utilize it successfully, everyone can work remotely while collaborating efficiently.


Types of augmented reality

In deciding which type of AR technology, you’ll need for your business, you’ll first have to determine what kind of AR to use. There are two types of augmented reality: marker-based and marker-less. Choosing one of these types of AR will determine how you’ll be able to display your images and information.

Marker-based AR is created using image recognition to identify objects already programmed into your AR device or application. When placing objects in view as points of reference, they can help your AR device determine the position and orientation of the camera. This is generally achieved by switching your camera to grayscale and detecting a marker to compare that marker with all the others in its information bank. Once your device finds a match, it uses that data to mathematically determine the pose and place the AR image in the right spot.

Marker-less AR is more complex as there’s no point in which your device will focus on. Because of this, your device must recognize items as they appear in view. Using a recognition algorithm, the device will look for colours, patterns, and similar features to determine what that object is and then, using time, accelerometer, GPS, and compass information, it will or orient itself and use a camera to overlay an image of whatever you’d like within your real-world surroundings.


Many industries and sectors already use AR for business processes, including:

  • Retail: Employees can use AR for onboarding and training sessions. It helps new employees in their future transactions, such as sales training, touring the sales floor, and preparing for a retail environment. AR can also help customers test products before purchasing or learn how to use them within their environments. This can create better engagement or help customers solve problems by providing actionable information in a real-world context.

  • Manufacturing: Technology can offer step-by-step instructions, allowing trainers to provide feedback during practice for better retention. Using mixed reality also enables employees to learn while on the job, keeping their hands free to perform work.

  • Healthcare: Getting hands-on experience in performing procedures without risk is imperative for healthcare professionals. AR provides the guidance to practically, yet safely, learn about anatomy and surgeries.

  • Military: AR is integrated in combat training to stimulate situational and operational environments so soldiers have awareness of their time, space, and forces.

  • Automobile: AR can help train and allow specialists to explore current and future models, along with their internal systems.

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